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  • How to turn a dress into a skirt

    How to turn a dress into a skirt

    By on October 11, 2015

    It’s heart breaking when a little girl out grows their favourite dress, so why not turn the dress into…

  • 30 minute t-shirt upcycle: make your own t-bag

    T-shirt upcycle: Make your own T-shirt bag

    By on September 11, 2015

    In under 30 minutes you can refashion an old t-shirt into a trendy shopping bag. Let me walk…

  • How to upcycle kitchen chairs

    How to upcycle kitchen chairs

    By on July 29, 2015

    How to upcycle kitchen chairs to create a shaby-chic look whilst also making them child friendly. I suggest which…

  • DIY Whiteboard - Frame, Fabric & dry eraser pens

    DIY whiteboard

    By on July 22, 2015

    Make your own whiteboard in minutes from a picture frame with a fabric backing. It takes minutes to…

  • My favourite discovery of the day, original honey churns

    Antique & Vintage fairs

    By on July 1, 2015

    We love a vintage fair! We share the secrets of IACF vintage fairs, where, when & a few…

  • DIY T-shirt alteration - upcycle an old t-shirt into a unique top

    T-shirt DIY

    By on June 17, 2015

    Alteration challenges!! I thought they were in the past….apparently not. I’m set a t-shirt alteration in 60 mins, what…

  • Matt Chapple gets involved in Bristol Big Green Week

    Getting involved in Bristol BIG green week

    By on June 10, 2015

    I’m going to be supporting Bristol BIG green week on Saturday 20th June. Have a read all about my…

  • Drawing round the shirt pieces to create a personalised pattern

    Make a personalised pattern

    By on May 29, 2015

    Matt shows you how to turn an old item of clothing into a personalised pattern which can be re-made…

  • Creating the Tweed country look

    Jacket sleeve alteration

    By on January 13, 2015

    Learn how to upcycle a jacket with a simple sleeve alteration to create a tweed country look.

  • Change jeans into a mini skirt

    Denim mini skirt

    By on October 5, 2014

    Transform an old pair of jeans into a stylish denim mini skirt