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  • Asparagus season: Growing asparagus

    It’s the Asparagus season!

    We are officially in the British Asparagus season until the 21st June, find out what it looks like whilst…

  • Ballon painting

    Balloon painting

    Liven up painting time by swapping paintbrushes for balloons, the kids will LOVE it…go on give it a try!

  • Blue polka dot painted egg

    Pretty painted eggs

    Save your cracked eggs, add a dab of PVA glue, some bright paints and make a vibrant little Easter…

  • Crayon Art Explosion

    Crayon Art Explosion

    Create a colourful crayon explosion by introducing crayons to a hairdryer to create the most spectacular result.

  • Brilliant button art

    Brilliant Button art

    A few simple materials and endless possibilities, button art is simple and effective for all ages.

  • Learn to finger knit

    Finger knitting

    Finger knitting is a fantastic skill which a child can learn within minutes and make beautiful creations in under…

  • Paul's dancing elephant

    Matt stitches on to week 3 of GBSB


    Great British Sewing Bee week 2, resulted in the sewing room resembling a zoo rather than a haberdashery!

  • The finished party dress

    The party dress


    Getting into the spirt of Children’s Week on the Great British Sewing Bee by making a girls party dress…

  • Fluffy fake snow

    How to make fake snow

    Let it snow all year round. In just a few minutes turn some basic household ingredients into snow!

  • Caution boys construction party

    Boys construction birthday party

    Need inspiration for a boys birthday party? Try this winning formula for a construction party.