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  • DIY knight costume made from felt

    DIY Knight Costume

    By on December 14, 2015

    How to make a DIY knight costume from bright coloured felt. Simple project to make a knight tunic…

  • Gemma & Matt Chapple working on the launch of the SEW-A-SAURUS sewing kit range

    The tales of launching a product

    By on November 24, 2015

    I share our tales of launching our first product, the SEW-A-SAURUS sewing kit. The story shares our highs…

  • How to make a halloween cape (which also glows in the dark)

    Glow in the dark Halloween Cape

    By on October 25, 2015

    Keep little monsters warm and safe this Halloween with this glow in the dark cape. Great sewing project…

  • Empress roman costume including gold sash and belt

    A Roman costume fit for an Empress

    By on September 6, 2015

    Every school has a Roman day, we walk you through making a Roman Costume fit for any Roman Empress….

  • Bat wings Halloween costume

    Halloween bat costume

    By on October 26, 2014

    Simple bat wings make a great Halloween costume when paired with black trousers and a t-shirt

  • Cave girl skirt

    Cave girl costume

    By on September 6, 2014

    Create a cave girl outfit whilst teaching your child to sew