Make your own SEW-A-SAURUS, wearable dinosaur tail sewing kit
Matt Chapple, designer of the SEW-A-SAURUS Sewing kit

Matt Chapple Quotes

Our aim is to bring crafting, playing and sewing together to help everyone make an awesome handmade creation, no matter what level of stitcher they are.Matt Chapple Quotes


We’re proud to introduce the SEW-A-SAURUS, the first sewing kit from Sew What’s New.  The kit contains all the essentials to make a fantastic dinosaur tail.

Since winning the Great British Sewing Bee I have been working on the design of the SEW-A-SAURUS, writing the instructions, designing and producing the kits right here in Great Britain.  The kit is designed for all levels of stitchers and on average takes 2-4 hours to make with a sewing machine.

Our kids have loved dressing up and playing with these tactile tails which are suitable to fit ages 3 years +.  To make sure we have something for everyone we have carefully sourced a great range of colours to suit every little monsters tastes.

Simply grab yourself a kit and maximise your sewing time.  I’m very happy to sign any kits with a personal message, send me your personal message via contact seller when you place your order.  Matt x

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Kids of all ages LOVE playing with the SEW-A-SAURUS dino tail,the question is who are you going to make one for first? 

Kids love the SEW-A_SAURUS tail costume


– Helpful instructions written by Matt

– Paper pattern for the spikes

– 3 different fabric pieces which make up the dino tail

– Thick black elastic for the waist strap

– Reel of matching thread

– Pins & a needle

– Light fluffy stuffing to fill the tail

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Designed by Matt 

Matt guides you through every step, so even a beginner stitcher will achieve great results!


Everything you need

The kit contains all the essentials to create a Dino tail, maximising your making time


Colour range

Choose from a fun range of colours to suit every little monsters tastes


Perfect gift

The SEW-A-SAURUS sewing kits makes a great gift for every Sewing Bee fan!

Find out more about the SEW-A-SAURUS sewing kit

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Happy kids playing dragons or dinosaurs

SEW-A-SAURUS colour range

The SEWASAURUS sewing kit comes in a great range of colours for boys & girls choose from.  

Black & Blue

Black & Red

Black & Pink

Black & Green

Black & Purple

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“I’ve always been nervous of using my machine for anything more than straight lines so I was really pleased how well this turned out. My four year old loved stomping and roaring in her tail and her older brother commented: It looks like something you bought in a shop. Result!”

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“I am not a natural with a sewing machine – indeed the idea of making something using mine is one that fills me with dread, or at least it used to.  Then a little while ago I was asked to make a dinosaur tail using a sewasaurus kit and I have to say I’m a convert!  I made a fantastic tail that my son was proud to wear.”

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“It has been a real pleasure to sew with such comprehensive instructions and good quality craft kit contents. Despite not being the most experienced of sewers I finished each tail in good, hassle free time and my daughters (5 and 8) have heaps of fun romping and roaring around the house in them.”

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