Girls party dress

The party dress

The Party Dress

“Daddy, can you make me a new dress please?”.

It’s a common sentence in our house and one that I normally satisfy on probably a one in eight basis…..that may sound like a low ratio, but you should hear how often it’s said!!

Anyway this time I succumb to the sweetness in those puppy dog eyes (yeah I know I’m a push over), but also because it’s Children’s Week on the Great British Sewing Bee, and I can’t let her see me make garments for others without her having one of her own now, can I?

Almost as soon as I’d agreed, Evie responded with “Can I choose the material? I want it to be pink, and pretty and have flowers on it!”. Yep, welcome to my world.

So, seeing as my stash was low on the pretty pink florals, off we went to Fabricland in Reading to get a couple of meters.

I had, just the other day, received a few patterns that I’d ordered from Simplicity, so it was to be the New Look 6202 pattern that I was going to make.

Now as I’m not shy of having a deadline to work against, Gemma kindly informed me that Evie was actually going to a party the following morning, so if I could get it done by this evening that would be fab.

Right then Matt, the challenge has been given, now get a wriggle on. Where’s that gentle encouragement and time checking from Claudia when you need it.

Ok the dress itself is a pretty little thing, with almost a full circle skirt made up of 6 pieces, then a front part with facing, a back part with an elasticated gather, 2 shoulder straps and a side zip, topped off with a waistband.

Evie chose a floral cotton for the front and back parts of the dress and a similar block pink for the four side parts.

The stitch itself was pretty easy to do, and certainly achievable for most home sewers. If you’re thinking of undertaking this but still a bit hesitant, I’d suggest not using a contrast option as we did above, but just go one fabric style, that way any little wobbles wont be seen.

Theres a couple of little tweaks that I felt it could have done with, mainly the seam allowances are quite generous, so I ensured these were trimmed back and over-edged with a zigzag stitch. The only other thing would be that I felt the measurement for the elastic on the gather on the back part could have done with being a centimetre or two shorter.

All in all it was good fun and yes it was ready for Evie to wear the following morning.

I have to say, when I showed Evie the next morning, she was in awe, her first words being “oh my, I love it…it’s going to swirl out amazingly”.

Job done.


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  1. Tracy 4 years ago

    This is gorgeous Matt and just the pattern I need for my daughter too. She can’t decide between two of her fave fabrics and I don’t have enough of each one for a dress, combining the two in this dress is the perfect solution. Cheers for that

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