Christmas table runner

Festive table runner

Handrolled Christmas table runner

Ok, to set the scene, it’s midday on Christmas Eve, I may be a little hungover from some drinks the night before and I’ve been promising for weeks to help spruce up the table with a festive table runner.

So am i too late, will I succeed in completing another make before Christmas lunch is served?

To be truthful I had been meaning to do this for a while, however as the day drew nearer, and other tasks were deemed more important, (wrapping pressies, eating minced pies etc). I found that I was leaving it a little close on fulfilling my promise, even by my standards.

I had visions in my mind, it was just a matter of turning them into reality.

The idea was to use a pretty little woodland scene paint roller that I’d picked up from a lovely stall The Painted House at Kirsty Allsops Handmade Fair at Hampton Court, this was going to be in a simple white paint against a contrasting grey fabric.

Ok so here goes nothing.

What I needed:

  • 2 meters of grey cotton
  • Closely matching thread
  • Paint roller (From The Painted House)
  • White emulsion paint

What I did:

  • Measure and cut out a strip of fabric to double the desired finished width
  • Tape the fabric up against a board on a slight incline (i did this against the pool table lid leant against the wall)
  • I ran one line of painted roller up the centre of the fabric, almost to the ends.
  • Once dried I turned the fabric wrong side to wrong side and stitched along the long edge
  • I centred this seam and closed one of the ends with a straight stitch across it’s width
  • Following this I turn through and press flat
  • For the last end I turn and press inwards and double edge stitch

I have to say Gemma was pretty amazed I did it….to be honest so was I. Now where did I put that minced pie?

Ho ho ho


The stitcher. A magnet for foolery & prankster at heart. Loves being creative, whether with some wood and a saw or with a needle and thread. Attempts to disguise his past time activities as manly pursuits, but is actually pretty handy at sewing!

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  1. Sarah 4 years ago

    That’s lovely Matt!
    Great idea & very effective! : )
    Happy New Year!

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