Printable roads for the kids

Printable roads

The road to happiness (with printable roads)

It was one of those mornings; the kids had forgotten how to play together and each wanted every toy the other one touched. After a couple of hours of separating them, using the time-out step and trying to encourage them to play in there own space, I decided I needed to find an activity which might restore the normal harmony!

This is where my trusted friend Pinterest comes in. I needed an activity which would fuel Evie’s love of crafts but also entertain Max while we were hard at work. That’s when I came across and this awesome free roads printable.

I set to work printing the pack and then quickly realised I needed more straight roads, so I ran off a couple of extra versions of pages 2 & 3. Evie picked up on the fact that I had an idea and was trying to find out what exciting fun game I had found for us to play.

Evie and I set to work, cutting out the network of roads, while Max was on a mission to find cars and a community of people, animals and trees from the toy box.

When it came to constructing the road network we quickly realised that we needed to stick the printed roads to the floor because when Max pushed the cars along the roads they just moved all over the place. This was another win, Evie loves Sellotape -we go through rolls of the stuff – so she was more than happy to get sticking.

Our mini town was now set up with trees, people, road signs, animals and cars speeding along the roads.

We then decided to take it one step further and introduce the rail network, setting up the wooden railway to criss-cross the road system.

This lovely activity did exactly what I needed – the balance was restored and we had a brilliant time in the process.

Thank you I will be back for more 😉

For more kids crafts ideas checkout #craftykids


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