Pretty painted eggs

Pretty painted eggs

Painted Eggs: Easy easter egg painting

I have always felt that blowing eggs so you can paint them always seems like a bit of a faff.  Whilst making scrabbled eggs for brunch I wondered if it would be possible to glue the eggs shells back together.  My curiosity got the better of me so out came the PVA glue and I am pleased that I did.

I applied a generous line of glue to the open edge of the egg shell, sandwiched the 2 egg shell pieces together and then ran my finger around the crack to seal the crack.  Then I just left them to dry in an egg cup for a few hours.  It really was that simple.

Now for the fun bit…PAINTING!  By the time Evie got in from school the glue had dried and the eggs were crying out for a splash of colour.  We used some left over paints from a craft set which were just perfect for the job.

So that just leaves the question, would you like one egg or two?

There you go, as promised pretty painted eggs!

Another fun  #craftykids project.

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