How to make fake snow

How to make fake snow

How to make fake snow.

Let it snow all year, it takes only a few minutes and uses household ingredients.

I am as excited as the kids at the promise of snow. When I heard that the temperature was going to drop and snow was forecasted I couldn’t help but get my hopes up. As soon as I woke I checked to see if we had a blanket of magical white snow but I was sadly disappointed.

Today is craft night for Evie and I (#craftykids), as we didn’t get any real snow we have decided to make our own! After carrying out some research there are several ways that you can make artificial snow. We had the ingredients for 2 different recipes so we tested them off against each other. Both are so simple requiring only one ingredient plus water.

1. Turn tissues into fake snow

Take 10 tissues that have been lightly sprayed with water. Add to a food processor and pulse/mix until they look like snow.
Note: You may have to un-block the blade after the first or second mix, as the tissue pieces become smaller the blade moves more easily.

2. Artificial snow made from bicarb-soda and water

Empty a pot of bicarb-soda into a bowl. Using a fork slowly mix 1 tablespoon of water in at a time. The snow will form as you mix them together. Repeat until you have the right snow consistency. (We used a total of 4 tablespoons of water)

It was great making the 2 different types, the tissue snow made the perfect base for a snow scene whilst the bicarb-soda snow was better for moulding shapes like snowmen.  The bicarb-soda version also felt slightly cold, giving a more authentic feel but don’t worry you don’t need gloves 😉

As we played with the snow the two different types were mixed together, this actually also gave a great result.

If you fancy a little experiment at the end you can make a fizz bomb by dropping a ball of the bicarb-soda snow into a small bowl of white vinegar.  As you can imagine, Evie loved this.

Go on give it a try and let it snow all year round.

Gemma & Evie

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  1. Neela 4 years ago

    Hi Gems, What an ingenious idea. I would never have thought of it. love the snowman Evie, such a clever girl!!!

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