DIY Whiteboard

DIY whiteboard

DIY whiteboard

It has to be said that I love a whiteboard, but lets face it, they are not the most attractive choices to decorate your home.  But I have an alternative to the traditional office whiteboard which is easy, cheap and I bet you have the materials at home already.

While Matt was out I quickly raided his fabric stash, borrowed his rotary cutter (boy they are sharp!) and knocked up a DIY whiteboard in approximately 9 minutes!  It’s that quick!

To make a DIY whiteboard all you need is:

– Picture frame

– Light piece of fabric (or pretty paper would also work) – I recommend using a background that is not to dark or bold in pattern, otherwise you will find it hard to see your writing on the board when finished.

– Scissors or a rotary cutter

– Dry eraser marker (aka whiteboard pens)

1. Start by taking the back off your picture frame, place this on your chosen fabric.  Cut the fabric to be 1cm wider than the back of your frame on each side, as shown below.  Iron the fabric to ensure that there are no creases.

2. Now, place the fabric in the frame with the right side of the fabric facing out through the glass.  Insert the back of the frame and lightly pull the edges of the fabric to ensure there are no creases before closing the frame hinges to secure the fabric.

3. It’s that easy!  You now have your finished homemade whiteboard!  Now all you need to do is choose where to hang it…

The finished whiteboard looks fantastic and it’s practical too.  Dry eraser marker pens wipe clean in seconds perfect for ‘to do’ lists, shopping lists or in our case a blog planner….

If you get bored of the background or fancy a change with the seasons simply swap out the background fabric to create a new look.

Happy list making!

Gemma ChappleGems x

The baker. Some may say a jumping bean…. definitely never short on energy. Gemma loves to cook and can normally be found whipping up a culinary delight in the kitchen or deep in the veg patch.


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