Crayon Art Explosion

Crayon Art Explosion

Crayon art which is full of colour and texture

Brighten up any wall with a wonderful explosion of colour.  When you add heat to crayon’s they melt quickly, team that with a current of air from a hairdryer and you create a spectacular effect.  No complicated equipment is required.

I guarantee that you and any child will love this one.  Prepare yourself with a pack of crayons, a canvas, glue gun and hairdryer.

Start by choosing the order of the crayon colours, line them up and heat up your glue gun.  The bond from a glue gun works really well for this, plus it dries really quickly so you can crack on with the fun bit!   If you don’t have a glue gun then use the strongest glue that you have to hold the crayons in place. Just make sure that the glue is fully set before moving on to use the hairdryer.

Place a vertical line of glue which approx. 3/4 of a crayon in length on the canvas and press a crayon straight down onto it.  Be careful not to move the crayon around as you will get un-wanted marks on the white canvas. Repeat this step until all your crayons are secured ensuring that the crayons are tightly packed together.  We used 18 crayons with approx. an inch gap on either end.

Once all the crayon’s have been attached and the glue has dried, we choose were we want to blast the picture.  We place the canvas up against a wall to enable the crayons to run downwards nicely. There will be a fair bit of splatter so be sure to cover the floor and protect the wall with some card or masking tape a few bits of paper to prevent un-wanted crayon splatter.

Now go crazy with the hairdryer, the crayons will quickly melt.  Start from one end of the crayons and work your way across the line.

The longer you heat them the thicker the texture.  It really is that simple.

The crayons dry quickly, so within 5 minutes of creating your master piece it could be hanging in pride of place on your wall.

This has to be my favourite #CraftyKids activity to date.  Go on, give it a go.

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