The Cordelia Jersey dress

Jersey from Jules

Jersey from Jules

I was very kindly asked by the lovely Jules from “Sew Me Something” if I would like to test out her newest pattern, the Cordelia jersey dress. Of course I jumped at the chance, there’s nothing better than getting a sneak preview of a beautiful brand new design.

Luckily for Gemma, as well as being on the cusp of getting a new dress, she also gets to choose the fabric too, and what better one than this gorgeous spring jersey.

So without further ado, I’m going to Sew Me Something….or more aptly I’m gonna Sew Her Something.

The patterns are provided in a smart card wallet, with full size one piece high quality prints, so there’s no sticking together like print at home PDFs. All you have to do is choose which size you’re after and cut along the clearly marked lines. There’s 3 different options on the sleeves, a mid length, a shoulder cap with gather or a summer sleeveless variation. Gemma opts for the summer sleeveless style.

Jules includes some really useful help in the opening pages which are really worth reading especially if you’re a bit newer to all this sewing malarkey. Also her tips on sewing with jersey are well worth a read if you’ve never done it before. I would say that although this pattern is classed as a beginner one, there are some important elements to it, so perhaps it shouldn’t be your first ever project. Maybe look to do the Kate Dress first.

Note: As there’s 3 pattern variations and 2 size groups, make sure when you’re laying out the paper pattern on your fabric that you closely follow the correct placement guide.

During the cutting out of jersey you do get a bit of curling and rolling of the edges, don’t panic, it’s all just down to the elasticity of the fabric. Just make sure that when you’re pinning and stitching seams that you are working to the real edge and it’s not curled under and you’ll be fine.

For sewing with stretch fabrics I like to use a walking foot where I can, it really helps me keeping a neat and consistent finish, I also use a jersey needle and a stretch stitch, on my machine it’s the one with a zigzag and a straight stitch all in one.

It’s key when working with jersey not to stretch it too much, if you do happen to work it and it bags out a little you can remedy this by just quickly placing it on the ironing board and giving a little jet of steam.

The front sections cross over each other, giving a very clever twist and a gentle fall on the centre front. This takes a little concentration to get it right….oh and a new needle as I broke one at this point :o)

This particular Sew Me Something pattern allows a little more room for a comfortable and relaxing fit. What I found when trying it on Gemma was that it could do with being taken in a little on the side seams. Luckily this is simple to do, so I quickly re-stitched those seams about an inch in on either side which resulted in a more flattering and fitted look. But that’s the beauty of it, you have lots of ways to personalise it to suit your personal style.

All in all a fantastic design from a very clever lady.

Let me know if you have a go. I’d love to see your makes.

Matt ChappleMatt

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  1. Di 4 years ago

    Hi Matt, this dress really looks lovely on Gemma. I’m glad you mentioned the jersey rolling when you cut it. So many people find sewing with jersey quite daunting. I find it helpful to pin the pattern with the points out towards the edge of the pattern when cutting out. I also pin the seams with the pin at right angles to the edge, inserting the pin on the seam line.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Author
      Matt 4 years ago

      Thanks Di, I agree, I think it worked a treat on Gems, although I did make it a little more fitted to flatter. I don’t sew jersey and stretch anywhere near as much as I should, it looks great so I think I’ll make a pledge to make Gemma a few more pieces this summer.

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