Christmas tree garland

Christmas tree garland

Feeling Festive with a Christmas tree garland

It’s been a wonderfully festive week. With the kids being on school holidays we’ve been wrapping, catching up with family & friends and decorating our Christmas cake.  Max was off having his last of a long list of Christmas parties which allowed Evie and I have the luxury of an afternoon together.

Girls time = craft time in our house, so we headed down to one of our favourite cafes, The Pantry in Yattendon for a festive crafternoon.

Taking the large window seat, which is perfect for crafting, we spread out our essential materials to make a beautiful Christmas tree Garland.  Fueled with delicious homemade mince pies we set to work, cutting, stitching and laughing…

Setting up for our festive crafternoon

What you will need to make a Christmas tree garland:

  • Felt: 2 A4 sheets of green felt (1 x light and 1 x dark)
  • Double Christmas tree paper cut out, joined at the tip of the tree by a little 1.5cm channel
  • Scissors
  • Pins & Needle
  • Thread
  • Selection of little bells
  • 2m Ribbon

1. Begin by pinning the paper pattern to the felt and cutting out a total of 6 trees (3 x light green and 3 x dark green).

2. Open the trees out flat, take the ribbon and evenly spread the trees along the length of it. Fold the tab tops of the trees over the ribbon.

3. Now thread a needle and stitch each of the trees onto the ribbon, after a couple of stitches thread on a little bell and continue stitching until both the tree and bell are securely in place.

Christmas Tree Garland: Stitch the trees to the ribbon adding the little bells

4. Repeat on all the trees until the garland is complete.

5. Don’t forget to eat your mince pie as you go along 😉

The finished Christmas tree garland

This is a wonderfully simple project, with basic materials but makes a really pretty, festive garland for all to admire…

Happy Christmas

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