Cardboard crafts: Make a DIY castle

Cardboard crafts: Make a DIY castle

Cardboard crafts: Making a castle

Gemma: “Right, Matt, don’t forget I’m out with the girls on Saturday, it’s been on the calendar for ages, you’ve got Evie and Max for the day!”

Me: [Nonchalantly replies] “Yep, I remember, we’ll be cool! Are you looking forward to going….erm…out” [desperately tries to crane  neck to look at calendar to see where it is they’re going]

Whilst on the inside I’m actually thinking. Right I have the kids for a day, flying solo, two very energetic very inquisitive kids, and me!

Well my mind was into overdrive, what could we do, go for a walk? Possibly but that’d only take an hour. Go swimming? 2 on 1 is way too hard, build dens in the woods? A possibility. That was when inspiration hit me right between the eyes. Just that morning we’d had a huge box delivered, containing, well, another 3 other boxes but thats a whole other story.

What could we make from it this large sheet of cardboard? An aeroplane, a tent, a car, a castle, the possibilities were endless, well except I guess a submarine.

So after a quick show of hands we opted for a cardboard castle, a castle front at least. One that led through to the playroom.

We could design it, draw it, paint it, cut it out and play with it afterwards, if this didn’t have “whole day activity” written all over it I don’t know what did!!

So after a little bit of Pinterest browsing for DIY cardboard ideas we start with the real action and set about drawing it out, basically I used a length of string and a pencil to draw a nice radial curve for the top of the doorway and a mini one to the side for a window. I outlined some curved stones around the doorway in pencil and the castellations along the top. Then it was the kids turn to go for it.

Evie was tasked with retracting the stone and castellation outlines in a thicker felt tip and Max with colouring in the stones.

Obviously giving a 3 year old lad a task that didn’t involve a digger was likely to have a shelf life, so he had the odd little rest whilst his big Sis continued.

Next up it was time to get painting, so off we go outside, bibs on and brushes in hand. We set to it, Max and I concentrating on the big stuff and Evie on those curved stones.

Once we’ve let it dry in the gorgeous spring sunshine (and whilst the kids have a snack and a drink) I go over the edging with a whiteboard marker and cut out the doorway.

Thats it done, now for some serious play time.

BTW…The pink curtains were thanks to Evie’s artistic flair…

We had great fun making it, and even more fun playing in it afterwards. A true all day activity, which is still standing tall in the doorway over a week later.

Matt Chapple with Evie & MaxMatt, Evie & Max xxx


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  1. Toria 4 years ago

    This looks awesome! I remember making a Viking ship for my daughter a couple of years ago, she as only about 18 months old but we had a great time painting it and playing with it. I think it stayed in the living room for a fortnight! The cat was quite pleased too, lol. Definitely want to make a castle now though…

  2. R 4 years ago

    I remember making an impromptu houses of parliament with big ben when my friend and her daughter were round for a playdate. And we turned their bunk beds into a cracking castle once, tying the cardboard on, they even made a drawbridge. Which reminds me, the box our tandem was delivered in is still waiting behind a wardrobe for next time…

    • Author
      Matt 4 years ago

      I love your ambition with the houses of parliament! There are endless possibilities of what to make with a large piece of card and kids just can’t get enough of boxes! It’s a good thing that Gemma orders a lot of our shopping online so we have a constant supply…

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