Brilliant button art

Brilliant Button art

Brilliant button art

Thank goodness that our #CraftyKids club is on a Wednesday, as there is no way we would get away with raiding Matt’s button stash if he was in the house.  Button art wins on so many levels, it’s soooo simple and it works for all ages.   There are endless possibilities of shapes and colours that no 2 creations will ever be the same.  It’s also pretty cheap, you can pick up large bags of craft buttons for only a couple of quid.

The brilliance is in the simplicity, choose your shape, select your buttons and go crazy with the glue.  We chose to use a canvas as the base as it is very forgiving if you are a little heavy handed with the glue, but you can also use card.  If you do opt for card the thicker the better as you will be less likely to have a ripple affect on the card when the glue has dried. If you are using a thinner card try to use the glue a little more sparingly to improve your end result.

PVA glue works a treat as it dries clear.   My new glue gun had arrived that day, so I was keen to give it a test drive.  We decided to make a tree and the stronger bond from the glue gun was perfect to hold the twig in place.  If you decide to make a tree using a twig then the flatter the twig the better.  Alternatively, you could try drawing the tree trunk and branches.

I recommend that you keep the picture flat until the glue has fully dried otherwise the buttons might slide on the wet glue.

Happy sticking!

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  1. Matt 4 years ago

    I know I should be gutted because I’ve lost about 50 buttons, but actually… I LOVE IT x

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