Boys construction birthday party

Boys construction birthday party

Boys construction birthday party

I have to say I love organising boys birthday parties.  With boys parties you have so much choice on the themes, from pirates, trains, construction, super heros…the list goes on.  But best of all there is no pink, fairies or princesses in sight.  For Max’s 3rd birthday we opted for a construction themed party, think tools, hard hats and diggers!    Apparently everyday at nursery Max is found sporting a hard hat and hammer, so we felt it was time to nurture his passion for DIY and throw him a party to remember.

The building theme:

We all know accessories are important so I started with the essentials, hard hat’s and belts which were overflowing with tools.  I found the perfect set on Amazon and ordered a set per child.  In our case 10 was the magic number.

To create the atmosphere of the building site I taped off all the doors to the house so only children could enter without ducking.  Then placed health and safety warning signs around the house, my favourite being the warning sign for high noise volumes as your entered.   With hindsight maybe I should have issues ear defenders to the parents on entry.

A few yellow balloons gave the house a party feel, keeping in theme, orange and black balloons would work too.

Filling time:

Coming up with party games has to be the trickiest part to a kids party, working with the building theme we came up with the following:

  • Hammering competition:Every child was given a block of flower oasis and the same number of golf tees, using the hammer from the tool belt each child had to hammer their nails (golf tees) into the block as quickly as possible.  They LOVED this game and there was not a patch of oasis spare by the end of it.
  • Tool running race:Layout the tools in a line. The first child to run and fill up their tool belt with all there tools and cross the finish line is the winner.  Simple yet effective and great for running off some energy.

The birthday cake:

You can’t have a party without a cake, in Max’s case it has to be chocolate!  The night before the party I made a huge chocolate cake thanks to the blog “Add a pinch“, this is a seriously good recipe.   I made one adaptation and that was to omit the coffee powder and it didn’t affect the end result.

My tin was a little smaller than suggested which resulted in a deeper cake and an extra 10 minutes in the oven, but the end result was a wonderfully rich, moist cake.

In the morning I made the chocolate icing (thanks to my faithful BBC recipe).  Being a large cake I doubled the icing quantities to make sure I had enough.  Firstly I sliced the cake into 2 layers then sandwiched it back together with a generous layer of icing.    Being a construction cake the layer of icing on the sides and top doesn’t have to be too neat (just my style).

Next is the easy and fun bit, using a digger which is approximately 6 inches long place a dab of icing on the wheels and in the digger’s shovel, now place on top of the cake.  For the rubble use Maltesers and broken up Crunchie bars, place this makeshift rubble on the cake to create an over flowing effect.  That’s it!  It takes no time at all but looks BRILLIANT!

It’s all about the party bags:

Finally to round things off every child was sent home with a yellow party bag containing a few sweets plus their hard hat and tool belt.

All in all the party was very easy to set up, the longest activity being the cake but even this was pretty simple.  With a few online orders placed and a couple of hours of prep you’re ready to go.  But most importantly Max and his friends had a fab time.


  • Hard hat & tool belt – 1 per child
  • Construction tape
  • Yellow Balloons
  • Yellow plates
  • Black napkins
  • Yellow party bags
  • Approx. 6 inch digger for the cake
  • Oasis (the same as you use for flowers)
  • Bag of golf tees

(I brought all the above from amazon)

  • Sweets (including Maltesers and Crunchie bars)
  • Print a selection of warning signs
The baker. Some may say a jumping bean…. definitely never short on energy. Gemma loves to cook and can normally be found whipping up a culinary delight in the kitchen or deep in the veg patch.


  1. Paula 4 years ago

    Fantastic idea. Now I am a Nana, I am running out of ideas. I will be watching your site now I have a three year old grandson. Your idea is spot on. Thanks

    • Matt 4 years ago

      Glad you like the idea Paula, this did go down a storm with the boys. Gem’s did another great train party for Max’s 2nd birthday I will have to ask her to write it up.

  2. Holly 5 years ago

    That’s awesome Gemma!! I’m inspired!! :-) x x

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