Bat girl costume

Halloween bat costume

Halloween bat costume

Nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana Bat Girl

Wooooo-ooooo Halloween is here, and this year Evies really getting into it.

I was all ready to go and get her a witches outfit from a nearby supermarket (they make these things so reasonably priced it’s hard not to), however once again under gentle questioning Evie stated she’d like to be a bat.

Now it’s times of the year like this when being a dad that sews can actually be pretty cool. Yet again I love the fact that Evie will have something that’s just for her (ok and maybe for Max in about 3 years). And dressing up is one of her favorite past times.

What did I use

  • 1 x Black T-shirt
  • ½ metre of stretchy black fabric (I used some body stocking I had at £4/metre)
  • 12” black felt
  • 8” of 1” wide black elastic

How did I do it

For the bat wings:

1. Measure wingspan of bat girl.

2. Mark and cutout a rectangle of the body stocking fabric.

3. Cut out a semi-circle (I find the easiest way of getting symmetry is to fold a rectangle in half, then in to a triangle, and cut out what looks like a ¼ of the curve on the raw edge)

4. Pin along the desired line for the wings to drape from.

5. From here I lay the semi-circle upwards from the t-shirt and using a very thin allowance along the sleeve I stitch close to the edge up from the wrists to the armholes.

6. For ease of movement I intentionally choose not to connect the wing across the shoulders, however I do give a little inch of stitch on the neckline just to keep the line in check.

7. I fold the wing in half and using a paper template I cut out some semi-circles along the outer edge.



For the mask:

1. Firstly I fold over the felt to double layer it and give it some structure.

2. I mark out the general desired shape.

3. Then I cut out a gap for the nose and the eye holes.

4. I straight stitch and then follow along with a zigzag on the edges.

5. To finish I just measure around bat girls head, then attach the elastic to either side of the mask.

The only thing left to do is find a willing victim to be a willing donor.

Mwah haa haaaa haaaaaaaaaa (that’s an evil laugh by the way)

Matt Chapple, winner of the Great British Sewing BeeMatt

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