I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll...paint you a picture

Balloon painting

Balloon Painting: I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll…paint you a picture

It’s fair to say that the kids craft boxes are not as organised as Matt’s sewing studio. It’s for a good reason though, as the kids are always rummaging through them looking for the perfect elements to create their latest masterpiece.

The craft chaos only causes an issue when you have a specific craft in mind. In this particular case it was painting. I had set up large sheets of paper in the garden, all held down by rocks that the kids had gathered and the paints were ready and waiting…just one problem…no paintbrushes! I couldn’t find them anywhere.

This is when I had a flash of inspiration, I remember seeing an image on Pinterest and immediately reached for the balloons tucked at the back of a drawer.  We were going to have our first taster of balloon painting!

The kids had thought I’d lost the plot when I re-appeared with a couple of half inflated balloons. But when I started dabbing them in the paint (the balloons not the kids!!) and creating perfect circles on the paper I could see I’d quickly converted them.

Let us know if we have managed to convert you to a spot of balloon painting…

Until the next #CraftyKids session…

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