Tweed jacket sleeve alteration

Jacket sleeve alteration

Upcycled tweed jacket with a sleeve alteration

As you know I love a bit of tweed, but a tweed jacket doesn’t have to cost as much as you think.

I’m always looking through the local charity shops just on the off chance that I can find a cheeky little bargain to upcycle, this time it took the form of a tweed country jacket.  I tried it on and for the most part it fitted perfectly, albeit the sleeves were a little bit 80’s and slightly wider than I usually prefer.  When I said to the lady in the shop I may make a little alteration, she looked dismayed. I promised her the alterations were only going to be minor and quickly parted with the £7 on the price tag.

When I got home I tried it on again and Evie rushed up to have a look, she reached in to the left pocket and found a £2 coin, this really was turning out to be a real bargain. (just to clear up any people thinking i’m a scrooge, I donated the coin in the next charity box I passed).

Back to those sleeves, I had an idea in my mind as to how I’d slim them down. It really is super simple.

1. Firstly I put the jacket on to get an idea of the desired width.

2. I then take it off and turn the sleeves inside out.

3. On the inside of jacket arms you tend to find that the lining is edge stitched, I unpick this on both of the arms, probably about half of their length.

4. I also unpick the stitching on the cuffs where they join the lining.

5. Turning the sleeves through the gaps I created in lining, I mark and pin the fabric of the sleeves themselves on the already existing seam.

6. I run a simple straight stitch from the elbow region starting at the seam and working outwards to the cuffs.

7. Once happy with the new stitch line I then trim back the seam and press to one side.

8. I restitch the cuffs to their linings.

9. Lastly I turn back through and close up the arm lining with a neat edge stitch.

Not bad for a fiver huh….ok seven pounds, and half an hour of my time!

What do you think, have I inspired you to bargain hunt and do a simple alteration?

Until next time,


The stitcher. A magnet for foolery & prankster at heart. Loves being creative, whether with some wood and a saw or with a needle and thread. Attempts to disguise his past time activities as manly pursuits, but is actually pretty handy at sewing!

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  1. Tracy 4 years ago

    I think I rarely buy anything from charity shops withwithout feeling the need to customise the fit. It just gives me much more scope by looking above my size range. I’m a little hesitant with shirts and tops so I need to ‘get over myself’ and give it a whirl. Thanks for the inspiration Matt.

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