Summer dress refashion

How to turn a dress into a skirt

How to turn a dress into a skirt

Skirting around the subject….it’s another alteration with purpose.

Evie has had one of her summer dresses that she has almost lived in, she just loves it….however as with all 6 year olds there comes a time when they outgrow their favourite item before it becomes threadbare.

She was so attached I couldn’t donate it quite yet. So this make has given me great pleasure because I’ve managed to extend it’s useful life in our household and not just resign it to the drawer.

Gem suggested that I re-purpose the dress into a skirt, and so when they were out swimming the other Sunday I got out the scissors, threaded the machine and off I went.

1. Firstly, I press the dress so that it’s easier to be even when cutting out

2. I cut the dress around the waist section, taking care to save the waistband straps that previously tied into a bow at the back

3. From the inside I close up the button placket at the back of the skirt section with a straight stitch as i’m going to elasticate the waist.

4. With the two waistband sections, they’re actually doubled over so  I feed about 10cm of elastic about 20cm inside from the open end and pin in place

5. I straight stitch from this pinned end along towards the opening, making sure  keeping the elastic stretched, this gives an elasticated portion at the end of each waistband

6. Taking these two sections I join them together at the elasticated ends

7. Using a skirt that I know fits Evie well, I get measurement for the full waistband length and join the other end accordingly

8. With the skirt the right way out and the new waistband turned downwards I pin in place around the circumference, making sure that I pin the elasticated section when fully stretched, this then nicely adds the gather to the skirt itself.

9. Making sure to keep an even distance from the edge I straight stitch around the band upper edge joining it to the skirt

10. To neaten the inside I trim back the skirt excess and neaten using an over-edge zigzag stitch on the joined seam

11. Lastly I press the newly attached waistband upwards

Now whilst I had to be very careful of Evie seeing me chopping her favourite dress up, she was over the moon with the outcome, especially as she can now wear it for longer and maybe through the winter too.

Happy autumn days indeed.

Matt Chapple & EvieMatt & Evie xx

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