Transform jeans into a mini skirt

Denim mini skirt

Up-cycle an old pair of jeans into a skirt

Now you may have realised by now, I rarely stick to a pattern, and this time I’ve gone one step further. I’ve decided to make a pair of ladies jeans into a denim skirt. My aim was to basically chop off most of the legs, unpick the remaining stitches up the legs and through the crotch, then open out the legs, overlap and re-stitch into a denim mini skirt. Ready? Let’s go…

What I needed:

  • 1 x Denim jeans (these ones came from a charity shop for £4)
  • 1 x Thread (to match the existing seams of the jeans)
  • 1 x Seam unpicker

How I made it:

1. I lay the jeans out and decide what length I’d like them to be, then, rather brutally chop the legs off, making sure the pockets are clear of the cutting line.

2. With the seam ripper in hand I unpick all the remaining stitches of the legs and crotch.

3. I lay these out flat to ensure there is sufficient overlap. Following the existing seam of the jeans I overlay one of the opened out legs on top of the other.

4. I then try these on the model and check there’s enough room to walk and move, I pin this in place.

5. Jeans tend to have a flat felled seam which makes them really strong, so here I just reuse the fold of the seam I’ve unpicked and use this as my stitch line.

6. I firstly run a blue stitch along the new seam, and then follow it along with a double stitch of similar original thread.

7. To finish off I cut back the underside of the overlapped portions and give the lower edge a neat double hem.

I did think of a few other finishes to do here, perhaps give the lower cut edge a slight frayed look to it, this just takes a bit of pulling of the odd thread here and there to give it a distressed look. Or maybe a nice white cotton style lace trim to the hem, making it look and feel a little more delicate. But I decided to save this for another day…


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  1. I was just thinking I wanted to make a skirt from a pair of jeans – and your tutorial popped up. Thank you! And well done for winning GBSB – really enjoyed watching you sew.

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