Canvas topped table

Canvas topped table

Canvas covered sewing table

A little while ago I used a machine and workstation where the table was canvas covered, and I thought to myself what a great idea it was…..that’ll stop those lighter fabrics like silks and satins from slipping off the the second I turn my back.

Surely it can’t be that tricky to do.

For this I needed;

  • A table (donated from my mother).
  • Medium weight canvas, a few inches bigger than the table top.
  • A staple gun.


Ok so here goes nothing…

Step 1) I iron the canvas with a reasonable amount of steam to get rid of any creases.

Step 2) Then lay out the canvas (if theres a wrong side lay this facing up).

Step 3) With the help of another, turn the table over and place squarely down onto the canvas.

Step 4) Making sure the table is evenly distributed I pull up the canvas on one side and secure with the staple gun, working from the centre outwards.

Step 5) The corners of my table are rounded so I leave them untouched for now.

Step 6) Once I’ve worked my way along one side, I then do the same on the opposite side.

Step 7) I repeat this on both of the ends.

Step 8) Now for those corners. I pull the fabric out and up tightly pleating it underneath.

Step 9) I staple the fold in place and repeat until the curve is neatened, trimming away the excess.

Step 10) And thats it, now to flip it over and get using.

Now it makes for a much neater finish to a table top that’s perhaps seen better days.  It also looks great in the sewing studio!


The stitcher. A magnet for foolery & prankster at heart. Loves being creative, whether with some wood and a saw or with a needle and thread. Attempts to disguise his past time activities as manly pursuits, but is actually pretty handy at sewing!


  1. Sarah 5 years ago

    Thats a really groovy idea.

    • Author
      Matt 5 years ago

      Thanks Sarah, it really works well in preventing the material from moving around. Plus makes a great background for me to take photos for the blog 😉

      • Sarah 5 years ago

        Have to say, I wish I had a work space big enough for a sewing table this size.

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