Cool kids crafts idea: 'Fabric'ated ice cream

Cool kids crafts idea: ‘Fabric’ated ice cream

Cool kids crafts idea: ‘Fabric’ated ice cream

Both of the kids have bright frames hanging outside their bedrooms proudly displaying their latest work of art.  This latest craft creation is right up to date with the summer season.

This week we made a silhouette of an ice cream (but you could do any shape that takes your fancy) then backed the cut out shape with a combinations of different fabrics and wools (or yarn for our lovely US readers).

We choose a hessian material for the bumpy texture of the ice cream cone then a combination of wool to reflect a scoop of strawberry and vanilla ice cream, which just happen to be Evie’s favourite!

It’s a fantastic kids craft project which encourages children to think about colour texture and shapes. Plus they can practice measuring, cutting and sticking.  A perfect all round craft which also has a great end effect.

You’ll need a few materials:

  • One sheet of card (the thicker the better)
  • A shape for the stencil, we looked for ice cream templates on Google to find this example
  • A selection of wool and fabric to fill your shape
  • A sharp craft knife is great for cutting out the template, you’ll also want scissors to cut the wool and fabric
  • Finally some sticky tape to hold down the wool and fabric

Once you have all your materials together you will have a fabulous textured picture in 3 simple steps…

Firstly…place the stencil on top of the card, ensuring that the shape which you are going to cut out is in the centre of the card. Now carefully cut round the shape, if you are using a craft knife these are super sharp, so please make sure an adult completes this step.

Secondly…measure the lengths of your chosen fabric and wool and place them over the back of the cut out shape.

TIP: When you have cut one piece of wool to length you can use it as a ruler for the additional pieces, the scissors Evie chose fitted her hand which meant she was in control and that I was relaxed. 

Thirdly…now that you have your wool and fabric cut to length you can arrange them in place, securing them with some sticky tape.

It’s that easy, now pop it back into the frame if you’re using one, or turn your card over and admire your brand new picture!



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