Week 4 on the GBSB

Week 4 on the GBSB

Structure week on GBSB

What on earth happened there , amazingly were two thirds of the way through the GBSB series already. Even though we knew that the number of contestants (10) and the number of weeks (6) didn’t go, it was still a surprise to hear Claudia announce that two people would be leaving this week.

And so far have had to say goodbye to Annie, Alex, Neela and now Amanda and Ryan. Such a shame to see it on the box and relive the emotions of the day.

I’d met Amanda on the auditions and we hit it off massively, she’s such a lovely genuine kind hearted lady and I think about how many giggles we shared in that sewing room. Her style is so classic and elegant. You should definitely visit her blog (http://aebgledhill.com) and see the extensive back catalogue of her makes.

As for Ryan, well who doesn’t love him, he’s such a super talented young man, did we ever mention that he’s only 21? (20 at the time of filming). He’s such a talented chap and now studying Menswear at Central St Martins in London. So when he says he’s going to see Patrick on Savile Row in 4 years time. He really means it!! By the way Ryan I’m a 40” regular chest and a 33” trouser, just for my first R.Walklett suit ;o)

Well, without further ado, let’s get down to the business of the show.

Hands up who’s made a 12 piece corset before? Yeah, I thought so I’m guessing it’s not something on everyone’s repertoire. It certainly wasn’t on mine.

But once you get over the fact of carefully taking note of all the pieces and where they go, it’s then all about meticulous stitching. You have to be absolutely spot on here. As May said, “There’s no room to hide”.

Even though I chose to make this in a lightweight cotton I still did pretty well, that careful stitching and attention to detail worked well for me. Neil certainly made the right choice going back and selecting something a little more heavyweight. Even still, to get so many compliments from Patrick and May made me really chuffed.

So 2nd out of 7. You know what, I’m going to take that as a mini victory. Hence my little tea break jig.

So following that structure theme, what better way than to get grappling with a set of Joan Collins shoulder pads. That’s right, we were all allowed to select an 80’s power suit….erm….does this come with one of those big immobile mobile phones?

I selected one of the most garish cerise pink ones I have ever seen. It really was nauseating. I must admit, I struggled for a good 10 mins as to what to do. My creative juices just “weren’t a flowin”.

So now I only have 80 mins left to dramatically change it up. I started to think, how about a strapless cocktail dress, so I started chopping it up, adding in some panels, some matching binding on the top edge, a little bow on the front.

Although I rue the wasted start. It actually came together pretty well….even with Claudia’s ever helpful chatter :o) I was so up against it when she popped over to tell me to chop off that button that I couldn’t even use a pair of scissors properly. The only thing that would panic me more is actually following through on my application for the Bake Off joke!

Even after all my time wasting I got some pretty good feedback from Patrick and May and another respectable placing. 3rd…not too shabby. And this time it fitted the mannequin!!!

Now whilst we’re in the habit of doing things for the first time, how about a kilt. I’m assuming not everyone reading this has had a bash at making one of those either. Well on paper it seems quite straight forward, long piece of cloth, pleated lots and wrapped around a couple of times. Yes…on paper!

However theres a lot more to it, like the ensuring that each and every one of those pleats are absolutely bang on, that the “sett” (thats the pattern repeat in layman’s terms) is correctly matched and that the line of the pattern doesn’t wonder when you stitch. Plus theres the complexity of the front aprons and finishing them proportionally well, in my case having to dart to take account for the female form, oh and the structure of course. I should’ve taken the hint from Patrick on that one and put some more in the front sections.

The brief was for our take on a kilt whilst the judging perhaps focussed a little more on the traditional, I still felt the judges critique on mine was spot on. I didn’t feel it put me in the danger zone, so I felt a sense of relief.

But this weeks plaudits should most certainly go to Neil, a clean sweep of all 3 challenges. And what an absolute corker of a kilt that was, it must be noted with Deborah an extremely close second, they were both works of art and I’m pretty sure there’ll be queues forming at their front doors very soon.

Well, exhausting and emotional was definitely the feeling from this week. Plus it’s only going to get tougher as we move into the semi finals (!), next up we have tricky fabrics in the form of, lace, rubber and leather. That certainly conjurers up some images ;o)

So, see you next Thursday at 8pm, on BBC2


P.S. you can view more details on the Kilt design here.

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