Creating the Sew What's New sutdio

Creating the Sew Whats New studio

Welcome to the Sew Whats New studio

Well what better way of beginning the SewWhatsNew blog than by revealing our new studio to host it all from? As the title of this post says, this new studio has become a creative/sewing room, for some unknown reason it just never quite got the focus, priority or budget lavished on it when it only contained a dartboard and pool table in it…funny that!! So with the boss (Gemma) signing it off, I wasn’t about to turn back now, so with a full head of steam we (I say we, I mean our great builders Top Construction) got underway with the big stuff:

  • Running electrics over from the main house
  • Recessing spot lights in each room
  • Placing sockets on the walls
  • Laying down a reasonably priced wooden laminate floor (yay, this is so easy to sweep!)

Power cable being laid Wall sockets going in

The guys finished in great time too and in order to keep the costs down we decided on doing the decorating ourselves….I think it was about an hour after starting this bit that Gemma started to regret this suggestion. Why is it that, even using a plain white matt, decorating always takes aaaaaages? Fast forward 20 litres of the stuff and we were finally finished.

Ok so now to the fun bits, and here we managed a great compromise, that dartboard and pool table I mentioned earlier, well wouldn’t it have been a shame if it just got taken out and stored indefinitely? So the dart board now has a padded fabric covered top and has been cleverly disguised as a pinboard, and the pool-table was given a lick of paint and a new oak/MDF top has given us a great cutting table. This is the kind of big surface I’ve longed for rather than taking over the kitchen table.

Creative spaces need some areas to squiggle on too, so Gemma found these big whiteboards at , we’ve taken over an entire wall with a couple of these which gives us a fantastic way to capture those spontaneous little thoughts, longer term objectives, oh and the odd game of noughts and crosses.

Whiteboard action!

So there you go, one fantastic new space for our new journey, we hope you like it, we certainly do!!!

Matt & Gemma x



The stitcher. A magnet for foolery & prankster at heart. Loves being creative, whether with some wood and a saw or with a needle and thread. Attempts to disguise his past time activities as manly pursuits, but is actually pretty handy at sewing!

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  1. Having a dedicated sewing space is soooo good for creating! It’s great that you were able to transform a space to accommodate it! yay!

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