Flipping good pancake recipes

Flipping good pancake recipes

Flip your way through pancake day

Tomorrow is shrove Tuesday aka Pancake day! Pancakes, fritters and drop scones are a regular on the menu in the Chapple house, this is mainly as I like nothing better than a lazy weekend brunch. In advance of pancake day I wanted to share my all time favourite pancake recipes with you, these have been tried and tested and a great result is guaranteed.

1. Gilt free, Gluten free: Banana, coconut & blueberry pancakes

This is a genius flour-less pancake recipe from Green Kitchen Stories using only a few simple and everyday ingredients which include ripe banana, eggs, shredded coconuts, blueberries & cinnamon.

The perfect recipe for using up all those ripe banana’s in the fruit bowl!

Flour-less pancake recipe

Flour-less banana pancakes

Apple & yoghurt pancakes

2. The fruity one: Apple & greek yogurt pancakes

I have been making Apple pancakes since I started to ween the kids, they made a brilliant finger food whilst also making a lovely treat for some tried Mum’s & Dad’s! I have recently discovered this particular recipe and she is a keeper!

Apple pancake recipe

3. Savoury fritters: Sweetcorn fritters

Matt & I discovered Sweetcorn fritters years ago when travelling in Australia. You can’t fail with these fritters, they work perfectly with fresh corn sliced off a cob or canned sweetcorn.  I like to serve them with a chunky avocado salsa or alternatively serve with sliced avocado and crispy bacon.

Sweetcorn fritter recipe

Sweetcorn fritters

Smoked salmon & dill drop scones

4. The classy ones: Smoked salmon & dill drop scones with lemon crème fraiche

We have made these countless times over the years, they make a wonder brunch when friends come over. Evie loves smoked salmon so I often make extra and freeze a few as they make a great quick lunch.  As an alternative you could make mini versions and serve them as canapés for a party.

Smoked salmon drop scone recipe

5. We can’t forget the classic American pancake recipe:

I always opt for this Nigella recipe to make these beautifully think and spongy American pancakes. Served with lashings of maple syrup and either fresh fruit or crispy bacon for a salty finish. Heaven on a plate!!

The main problem is that we never make enough…

Americal pancake recipe

The all american pancake

Now all I need to do is to decide which ones to make tomorrow, at this rate we will be having pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

Happy flipping!


The baker. Some may say a jumping bean…. definitely never short on energy. Gemma loves to cook and can normally be found whipping up a culinary delight in the kitchen or deep in the veg patch.


  1. Ness 4 years ago

    So, because of, sorry…inspired by you, this evening we have managed to eat a stack of sweet pancakes, FOLLOWED BY the sweetcorn fritters with avocado salsa, which is indisputably so so wrong but felt so right. They are seriously yum! (and contain loads of our 5-a-day right?!)

    • Matt 4 years ago

      See Gems, we could have made another batch last night after the smoked salmon ones…Nice work Ness!

  2. Matt 4 years ago

    Can I opt for the Sweetcorn with avocado ones please?…..and the Salmon ones too….oh and the Classic American with bacon.

    So out of 5 I’ve chosen 3.

    Hope that helps :)

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