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About Us: Matt Chapple, Gemma Chapple, Evie & Max
Introducing Matt Chapple, Winner of the Great British Sewing Bee

Stitcher, Blogger, Author 

“Maverick” Matt Chapple is the first male winner of the BBC2 Great British Sewing Bee. Matt competed against 9 other stitchers in pattern, alteration and made to measure challenges over 6 weeks to take the title.

Matt has shared his happy GBSB journey here…

Matt Chapple winner of The Great British Sewing Bee 2015

There are many things unique about Matt. Most notable however is his fantastic ability to create amazing things from only a few materials from just an idea or a picture.

It could be a castle in the garden made out of an old shed, dragon tails for the kids, a party dress for the missus or a stab vest for a Police man (yes I really did make one).  If it’s makeable, Matt’ll make it!

In between blogging about his makes, Matt is experimenting with sewing kit designs, testing new lines & different fabrics.  But, most recently Matt has been working on his debut book, Make it Own it Love it which is now available on Amazon to pre-order.

If you would like to stay in touch, you can follow Matt here:

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Introducing Gemma Chapple

Gems is the Baker of our outfit, always keen to whip up a delicious treat and experiment with new exciting recipes.

A crafter at heart Gems encourages the kids to get involved as much as possible, so much so that her and Evie have now dedicated Wednesday afternoons to our makery and named it #CraftyKids

Gemma Chapple from Sew Whats New

As chief researcher she’s always using her eye for design to keep us all topped up with inspiration.

It’s Gemma’s ideas factory that puts the “New” into Sew What’s New.

Gemma’s the driving force behind our style and brand. She’s also the boffin of our digital marketing and sewing kit packaging design.  Having a natural talent for shopping Gemma is also responsible for the purchasing of all the materials for our wonderful sewing kits.

Introducing Max

Max is a typical lad, he loves tractors, diggers, motorbikes and power-tools, although not always in that order.

At Sew What’s New, Max’s role is as our comfort & durability tester, he has been working hard on testing the SEW-A-SAURUS, we are pleased to report all the tests have passed!  He is ready to move on to the next kit design…

Introducing Evie


If it’s pretty, pink and sparkly you can guarantee Evie will be wearing it. Thats the role of a 6 year old girl in Evie’s eyes. So what better way of satisfying those urges than making her dresses.

Evie’s our trainee, a crafter in the making, she’s always keen to learn how to make, bake & sew, just like Mum & Dad.

We are the Chapples

You have met us all individually, together we make the Sew What’s New team.

Happy reading!

The Sew Whats New Team: Matt Chapple, Gemma, Evie & Max