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  • Wild garlic pesto

    Hey pesto…it’s wild garlic season

    By on April 30, 2015

    Planning a walk in the woods? We show you what wild garlic looks like and why you should take…

  • Beautiful jersey fabric

    Jersey from Jules

    By on April 24, 2015

    Matt reviews the new Sew Me Something pattern for the Cordelia summer jersey dress, using a beautiful spring jersey…

  • Ballon painting

    Balloon painting

    By on April 23, 2015

    Liven up painting time by swapping paintbrushes for balloons, the kids will LOVE it…go on give it a try!

  • Gold Hawk Road fabric shopping heaven

    The treasure of Goldhawk Road

    By on April 18, 2015

    Need fabric? Want bargain prices? Then Goldhawk Road in London is the place for you!

  • Modified Neckline

    Sewing patterns are not the law…FACT

    By on April 8, 2015

    Patterns are great for giving you a starting point but there is absolutely no reason why they always have…

  • The perfect bunny biscuits in a jar

    The perfect biscuit recipe

    By on April 2, 2015

    Say goodbye to biscuits that spread in the oven with this perfect biscuit recipe that holds their shape when…

  • How to make a biker style leather jacket

    The making of a leather jacket

    By on April 1, 2015

    Matt shares some helpful tips on how to tackle making a leather jacket. Guidance on choosing leather to…